Everyone is welcome. Both beginners as well as experienced shooters. If you want to use the shooting range on your own, membership is required.
No, but if you bring your own weapon, a weapons license is of course required.
Valid ID is needed when checking in. We provide you with hearing protection and safety glasses (not necessary if you wear regular glasses).  Mobile phones should not be used during the actual shooting, but can be used as a camera, if discussed with the instructor.
Yes, 18 years. This is because all weapons have a license requirement.
Yes, you must make an appointment. We don’t have any “open shooting nights”. All the shooting is done after agreement and/or bookings.
Yes, of course it’s okay. Spectators can easily follow the shooting from our lounge, which has a glass-wall towards the shooting range. However, no children under 12 years are allowed. It is allowed to take photos at our place. Special restrictions may apply.
A booked shooting must be cancelled at least 48 hours before the scheduled time, otherwise the full price will be charged. If you book online, see special conditions.
We prefer that you pay by card, or through the Internet in connection with the online booking.
Gift vouchers of the shooting packages can be purchased online. If you have a Live it-gift voucher, you can also make your booking online.
Shooting is at your own responsibility. We advise, however, from shooting during the latter part of the pregnancy.
Yes, that’s okay. Companies and groups which have a swedish ”org.nr” can be invoiced separately.
The Target holds all the required permits and insurances for the business. This means that you can feel safe.
As a booked guest you arrive at least 15 minutes before your booked experience. You check in with a valid ID and will then take part in the applicable safety regulations, in combination with instructions on shooting technique. This is done together with our experienced instructors. All shooting is done with an instructor.