The Target Member Club

Welcome to The Target Member Club! We offer a limited amount of memberships at our modern indoor shooting facility. This gives you, among other things, access to book free shooting appointments throughout the year. As a new member with no weapons license, you will be offered to take a pistol shooting course, which will give you the possibility to apply for a weapons license, when the course goals are achieved. Read more below about the requirements for applying for a weapons license.

See below for more information about what is needed to acquire a weapons license.

Yearly membership fee in The Target Member:  1000 SEK/month (12000 SEK/year)

Pistol Shooting Course for members

The course is held by range officers and shooting instructors. We supply you with weapons, ammunition, targets and safety gear. The course is finished upon you receiving your weapons license.

The pistol card education is in a study group. The subjects are i.e. security, information about the sport, different shooting forms, weapons, laws, shooting technique and more. The course is concluded with a written exam. Course material is included.

Shooting training during the course costs 500 SEK per session.


Send an email of interest including a description of yourself to or use the contact form below.

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What is required to apply for a license?

  • You have to be at least 18 years old and a member of the EU.
  • You have to have been a member in a shooting club for at least 6 months and trained shooting at a minimum of 12 sessions.
  • You have to fulfill the requirements for a gold pistol-shooting-badge.
  • You have to have the pistol-shooting-card ”Green card”.
  • You have to have a need for a weapon, which your club will confirm to the Swedish Police.
  • You have to be suitable for owning a weapon and practice shooting, which the Swedish Police will, among other things, prove against the criminal records.

The above is applicable for your first license which is for a weapon in Group C, that is calibre .22. After another 6 months the club can certify the need for larger weapons.