The Target Member Club

The Target Member Club! The Target Member Club is for those of us who are interested in pistol shooting. Regardless if you are looking to compete or just to shoot for recreational purposes you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to become a member but don’t already have a weapons license, you must first take our pistol shooting course led by our experienced instructors. Seven-time olympic champion Ragnar Skanåker will also be involved to a certain extent. Then, when the course goals are achieved, you can apply for a weapons license. Read more below about the requirements for applying

Once you have your weapons license as well as your own pistol, you can then choose between a yearly membership or pay by session. The yearly membership lets you book free shooting appointments at any time throughout the year.

Yearly membership fee in The Target Member:  1000 SEK/month (12000 SEK/year)
Separate shooting appointments: 400 SEK/session

The pistol shooting course is preceeded by a mandatory trial-run, approx. 2 hours.
Once you’ve passed, you can then sign up for the course.

Pistol shooting course

Start date: every month
Duration: six months
Target practice and theory: 11 sessions
Price: 8250 SEK

Total cost incl. mandatory trial-run: 9750 SEK

Additional costs
Course materials and pistol card: 250 SEK
Shooting journal: 125 SEK
Extra target practice: 600 SEK/session
Membership in our pistol shooting society: 500 SEK


Björn Nyberg, Director, part owner. Ragnar Skanåker. Lars Nyberg, part owner.

What is required to apply for a license?

  • You must be 18 years old and citizen of the EU.
  • You must have been a member in a shooting club for at least 6 months and practiced shooting for a minimum of 12 sessions.
  • You must fulfill the requirements for a gold pistol-shooting-badge.
  • You must have the pistol-shooting-card ”Green card”.
  • You have to have a need for a weapon, which your club will confirm to the Swedish Police.
  • You have to be suitable for owning a weapon and practice shooting, which the Swedish Police will verify against your criminal records.

The above mentioned is applicable for your first license which must be a weapon in Group C, i.e. calibre .22. After another 6 months the club can certify the need for larger weapons.

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